I want to tell you how to make a good friendship. The first thing to do is to not choose friends, untill you realize which one is real friend and which one is fake. The way to make a good relation is communication, because if we have a good communication, we will be keep in touch so we will not forget our friends.

A good friend always there when we are happy or sad. Even thought we are both lonely when we are alone, we must have friends who would like to listen to our story and tell the good for us. There will be a time when your friends left because they have a boyfriend or girlfriend,if so they will not really left because they will still be there when we need them. There are many friendship we must to differentiate, which one is friend,which one is best friend or which one is our boyfie or girlfie. I think a good friendship is important because we have place to tell stories and we can play together.

I think meet each other on real life is more important than social media because if we met, we could know their expressions and understand them better,but if social media.. we could lie and doesnt feel the real friendship. Maybe for the LDR ( Long Distance Relationship ), social media is important because they still can connect even though they are far away (not on same range).

If there is a gadget or social media when met with friends, we will not talk to each other, because we are too busy with our gadget or social media on it. Especially for those who have a boyfie or girlfie and cant get away from gadget. If i see someone like that, i will be mad,especially if it at school and always see the gadget without stop, even tough they have been reminded.

I have a friend like that, she is Sasa. Sasa always play her gadget and sometimes she not focused and sometimes she doesnt respond if i reminded.

Social media have an impact for me, there are the good and the bad things. As explained ealier that if we gather together all of us will see the gadget. The good of social media is the chance to increase knowledge and get to know lots of friends. If the impact for me personally is it made me to be lazy, because once i looked at the gadget i will forgot about the time and become lazy. That is my opinion, how important friends and the impact of gadget every single day. Even if i often look at gadgets and forgot about those around me.

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